Almond Blossom Century
February 16, 2019

1/100 second accuracy but times are displayed only to nearest second.
Be COURTEOUS, SAFE and keep RIGHT for best results.
RFID HELMET LABEL on the right side of helmet ONLY!
This information indicates when each rider passed each of the checkpoints.
Multiple passes by a checkoint are recorded but only the earliest pass is displayed.

RFID Tracking Stations are strategically placed along the routes
Be sure to follow the official route slips.

View Event MAP HERE

Updated every 30 minutes or less. Play sound on update
Sorted by RFID Helmet Label

81100TEST-100 PhotoCrazy19:03:2519:03:2519:04:3819:06:0619:07:0419:07:4819:08:3219:07:50
81101TEST-101 PhotoCrazy19:03:26 19:04:5319:06:2319:07:2219:08:05 19:08:48
81102TEST-102 PhotoCrazy19:04:19 19:05:0719:06:41  19:09:06 
81103TEST-103 PhotoCrazy        
81104TEST-104 PhotoCrazy        
81105TEST-105 PhotoCrazy19:03:25       
81106TEST-106 PhotoCrazy 19:05:3119:05:07 19:07:3819:08:0619:08:4719:09:24
81107TEST-107 PhotoCrazy 19:05:3119:05:07 19:07:3819:08:06 19:09:24
81108TEST-108 PhotoCrazy        
81109TEST-109 PhotoCrazy        
81110TEST-110 PhotoCrazy        
22000Trina Anderson        
22001Andrew Aquilina        
22002Mike Arnerich        
22003Mitchell Baum        
22004Jan Blossom        
22005Susan Boone        
22006Ernie Boone        
22007Craig Boyle        
22008Robert Brockel        
22009Mary Burroughs-Mayer        
22010Tricia Campbell        
22011Rebecca Carlson        
22012Chih-Wei Cheng        
22013Alex Cherroni        
22014Linda Clinkenbeard        
22015Curtis Corlew        
22016Michael Cosgayon        
22017Donald Davidson        
22018Jonathan Dubose        
22019William Evans        
22020Carla Evans        
22021Neal Fernandez        
22022Greg Friedman        
22023Matthew Gauthier        
22024Christina Gauthier        
22025Adele Gauthier        
22026James Gloystein        
22027Linda Gloystein        
22028Von Goodin        
22029Jill Goodin        
22030Clive Harrison        
22031Desiree Hollemon        
22032Mark Hollemon        
22033William Hurrell        
22034Andria Jaite        
22035Patrick Kennedy        
22036Melanie Kennedy        
22037Robert Kubick        
22038Toni Ledesma Oliver        
22039Barry Mann        
22040Bart Mayer        
22041Sue Montero        
22042Robert Montero        
22043Katelyn Montero        
22044Hal Moore        
22045John Muir        
22046Marlowe Paalan        
22047Ron Randall        
22048Arturor Romeo        
22049Veronica Sanchez-Randall        
22050Damien Sapien        
22051John Schaper        
22052Ronald Sichau        
22053Eva Silverstein        
22054Fred Smith        
22055Gus Solidum        
22056Stuart Sparling        
22057Lance Spears        
22058Tom Spradling        
22059Victoria Summers        
22060Gregory Swartz        
22061Chuck Uhler        
22062Katherine Waki        
22063Marilyn Walker        
22064John Walker        
22065John Weeks        
22066Wade Woodward        
22067Stanley Yu        
22068Late Registration        
22069Late Registration        
22070Late Registration        
22071Late Registration        
22072Late Registration        
22073Late Registration        
22074Late Registration        
22075Late Registration        
22076Late Registration        
22077Late Registration        
22078Late Registration        
22079Late Registration        
22080Late Registration        
22081Late Registration        
22082Late Registration        
22083Late Registration        
22084Late Registration        
22085Late Registration        
22086Late Registration        
22087Late Registration        
22088Late Registration        
22089Late Registration        
22090Late Registration        
22091Late Registration        
22092Late Registration        
22093Late Registration        
22094Late Registration        
22095Late Registration        
22096Late Registration        
22097Late Registration        
22098Late Registration        
22099Late Registration        
22100Late Registration        
22101Late Registration        
22102Late Registration        
22103Late Registration        
22104Late Registration        
22105Late Registration        
22106Late Registration        
22107Late Registration        
22108Late Registration        
22109Late Registration        
22110Late Registration        
22111Late Registration        
22112Late Registration        
22113Late Registration        
22114Late Registration        
22115Late Registration        
22116Late Registration        
22117Late Registration        
22118Late Registration        
22119Late Registration        
22120Late Registration        
22121Late Registration        
22122Late Registration        
22123Late Registration        
22124Late Registration        
22125Late Registration        
22126Late Registration        
22127Late Registration        
22128Late Registration        
22129Late Registration        
22130Late Registration        
22131Late Registration        
22132Late Registration        
22133Late Registration        
22134Late Registration        
22135Late Registration        
22136Late Registration        
22137Late Registration        
22138Late Registration        
22139Late Registration        
22140Late Registration        
22141Late Registration        
22142Late Registration        
22143Late Registration        
22144Late Registration        
22145Late Registration        
22146Late Registration        
22147Late Registration        
22148Late Registration        
22149Late Registration        
22150Late Registration        
22151Late Registration        
22152Late Registration        
22153Late Registration        
22154Late Registration        
22155Late Registration        
22156Late Registration        
22157Late Registration        
22158Late Registration        
22159Late Registration        
22160Late Registration        
22161Late Registration        
22162Late Registration        
22163Late Registration        
22164Late Registration        
22165Late Registration        
22166Late Registration        
22167Late Registration        
22168Late Registration        
22169Late Registration        
22170Late Registration        
22171Late Registration        
22172Late Registration        
22173Late Registration        
22174Late Registration        
22175Late Registration        
22176Late Registration        
22177Late Registration        
22178Late Registration        
22179Late Registration        
22180Late Registration        
22181Late Registration        
22182Late Registration        
22183Late Registration        
22184Late Registration        
22185Late Registration        
22186Late Registration        
22187Late Registration        
22188Late Registration        
22189Late Registration        
22190Late Registration        
22191Late Registration        
22192Late Registration        
22193Late Registration        
22194Late Registration        
22195Late Registration        
22196Late Registration        
22197Late Registration        
22198Late Registration        
22199Late Registration        
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