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Sample RFID Tracking Report

This type of report would be available to the Event Control Center either by Internet or Satellite Communication
This report is updated every 30 minutes (or more often) and shows how riders are progressing through the various courses.
This is valuable data to help distribute limited resources of food, water, SAG and volunteers where they are needed the most.
All data is updated with Satellite Communication to avoid interruptions because of no Cell or Internet coverage


Finding Specific Riders
Specific riders can be found if necessary by knowing the rider's RFID Helmet Number.
Notice how rider 178962 registered for the 30 mile course but ventured onto the 60 mile course.
It is recommended that the RFID Number of each rider is written on the waiver form for ID purposes.

Find 178962 at 10:50:01
Rider #178962 is registered for the 30 mile course
Passed #1 at 07:35:53 START
Passed #2 at 08:30:11 18mph ***BANDIT***
Passed #3 at 09:30:11 17mph
Passed #4 at 10:25:16 18mph ***BANDIT***
NoData #5 at 10:50:37 Est 3.2 miles after #4 ***BANDIT***
NoData #6 at 10:45:23

Find 174237 at 10:45:17
Rider #174237 is registered for the 67 mile course
Passed #1 at 07:15:23 START
Passed #2 at 08:20:01 16mph
Passed #3 at 09:40:17 14mph
Passed #4 at 10:37:15 15mph
NoData #5 at 10:45:37 Est 3.8 miles after #4
NoData #6 at 10:45:23