Give your event a competitive edge

Minimize your costs

Know where your riders are (see sample)

Know where rider support is needed the most

Tracking and/or Event Photo Services


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Why Our Tracking & Photography Services are Better

1.  Tracking labels are FREE - instead of paying $10 per rider

2.  Cut your event costs - eliminate bib numbers and wristbands

3.  Simplifies registration - avoid long, day of event registration lines

4.  Track riders up to 50 feet from Reader - other labels can miss riders

5.  Track riders on different courses along the same route (see sample)

6.  Track VIP riders or riders with pre-purchased lunch, etc. (see sample)

7.  Identify unregistered riders - avoid bandit riders eating your food

8.  Our AUTOMATED PHOTOGRAPHY guarantees to catch EVERY RIDER perfectly

9.  Photos synced to tracking labels - no bib screening or delays

10.Move food, water & SAG where it is needed the most

11.Locate LOST RIDERS with satellite communication

12.EMERGENCY Satellite Communication if Cell Phone or HAM are down

13.Record/Display PRECISE TIMING data for EVERY rider (optional)

14.Post Event Analysis (see sample)

15.Reliable & professional event photo & tracking services since 1999.










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