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Attention Event Directors:
PhotoCrazy® offers you the opportunity to enhance your next event and capture memorable moments for event participants. Whether it's a marathon, triathlon, bicycling event, parade, company picnic, graduation or just about any other kind of gathering, PhotoCrazy® photographers will be on hand to snap photos of participants in action at absolutely no cost to the EVENT. PhotoCrazy® then posts the photo "proofs" on the PhotoCrazy® website. Event participants then find their photo and place their order online. Finding photos is greatly simplified because of the proprietary methods used by PhotoCrazy® to organize thousands of photos per event on our WEB site.

The posting and ordering process is fast--photos are usually posted on the web within 24 hours after the event. The digital photos are sent within 10 seconds after receiving the order. Photographic images can also be placed on coffee mugs, mouse pads, plaques, T-Shirts, etc.

PhotoCrazy brings 20+ years of event experience, participation in thousands of events and innovative methods to help you enhance your event and increase ridership. Click HERE to see how we can hlep.

All cycling events throughout the Western US are listed at CYCLE-INFO. Events are rated by event participant with a 5 star system, comments are added and sample photos of the event are often shown in a gallery. The event location and date are shown conveniently. Check out CYCLE-INFO for other events.

Especially for Nonprofits:
PhotoCrazy® provides you with an additional fundraising opportunity at absolutely no cost to you! PhotoCrazy could share up to 50% of its revenue with you at your next event.

Photo Sponsors:
PhotoCrazy® frequently partners with sponsors and promotes the sponsor with the event photos. To see how this is done click HERE or visit our Branded Sport Pictures website. Click HERE for a live example.

High-Quality Photographs:
All photos are taken with high resolution digital cameras. The photos are uploaded on the website and organized by the event and the time the photo was taken. The photos remain on the webpage indefinitely so they can be viewed and ordered for years to come.

Publicize Your Event:
PhotoCrazy® will publicize your event on our website and enable people to link to your website. We would encourage you to reference or link our site to yours which will avoid phone inquiries and make your event participants aware of our services.

Contact Us for More Information:
Please call us at (805) 492-0562 or E-mail us to find out how PhotoCrazy® can contribute to the success of your next event!

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