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Badwater Events

Tour of Two Forests - Jun 3, 2000

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Please note that any photo that you order will be brightness and color enhanced
even though the thumbnail image may appear too dark or too light.
We guarantee your satisfaction!

HOW TO FIND YOUR PHOTOS: There are currently four basic ways of finding your photos:

  1. Knowing your 'Bib' number (Some photos won't show up because not all 'Bibs' can be identified)
  2. Knowing the time you passed the photographer (The best way, if you remember the time!)
  3. Estimating the time you passed the photographer (You may need to search a little)
  4. Searching photos one section at a time (Hopefully you have a high speed WEB connection)
  5. Simply entering your name (Your photos from ALL events will be shown - currently under construction)

KNOWING YOUR 'BIB' NUMBER: Enter Bib No: Bib Number


Select the Hour and Minutes when you passed the photographer:
(The photographer was situated along Soledad Canyon (25 miles from start), along Hwy 33 (about 105 miles from start) and at Wolf's Grill lunch stop.

NOTE: Some of the photos along Soledad Canyon didn't turn out because some riders were a little bunched up, photographing into the sun and most riders were going pretty fast - sorry.

Photos of almost every rider that passed along Hwy 33 came out spectacular!)



Enter your start and finish time. Then select the location where photos were taken.  
Start Hour
Start Minutes
Finish Hour
Finish Minutes
Photo Location

SEARCHING PHOTOS ONE SECTION AT A TIME: - Select from one of the options below:

Photos taken from 5:54am - 7:12am 25 miles into the ride along Soledad Canyon

Photos taken from 9:57am - 1:43pm Along Hwy 33 about 105 miles into the ride

Photos taken from 2:18pm - 2:20pm Wolf's Grill lunch stop (120 miles)

We would appreciate that you report any problems to us and we will do our best to correct them.

Please don't hesitate to email us with any comments or questions
your feedback of our services is much appreciated.